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The Enchanted Knights Armory

So, this is the situation. I have this rack full of sick weapons that I need to unload. Unfortunately for my business I am one of only a few humans in this orc infested town. If you haven’t noticed, orcs and humans don’t get along well these days. Now, I can just conduct business as usual, not sell a single weapon, struggle to feed the wife and kids, and maintain my dignity. Or, I can dye my hair, put it up in a pony, paint myself a putrid shade of green, not bathe for a few weeks, get myself a set of false teeth with razor sharp incisors, pretend like I care about some war between rival factions, and finally sell off this overstock of axes and swords that have been killing my bottom line.

I’m sure you will agree with my choice my friends. To tell you the truth, I don’t think I look half bad. Strange as it may seem, orc seems to suit me. On behalf of myself and the rest of my crew, please stop by and peruse our wares at the Enchanted Knights Armory of Orgrimmar - for all your equipment needs. All are welcome. Lok'tar ogar ;-)


Photo by: Enchanted Knights



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