Community Pic of the Week


My inbox is flooded week in and week out with emails from people asking me, “Skydog, where do you find your inspiration for your weekly blog (that rarely comes out weekly)?” And I reply to them, “The minions are my muse. They never cease to amaze and inspire.” It’s minions like skrunts that pick me up at the end of the week after I have spent the previous 4 days bogged down with website bug fixes and hardware failures.

Look at this hero. Those pwnorific superfly boots and Sam Elliotstache jive together more smoothly then extra chunky peanut butter and funkberry jam. I cried a little bit inside when I realized that skrunts is out there tanking for someone else while I’m stuck with my tank, who is simply donning the traditional plate mail and shield. Henceforth, I shall summon this image before my mind each time I pew pew behind a meat shield, and for that skrunts, I bequeath upon you my sincerest Tanks...


Photo by: skrunts



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