Community Pic of the Week


This does not look like it is going to end pretty. The first thing I did when I saw this photo was to bring my hands together, bow my head in silence, and free my mind of all distractions. It turned out to be quite peaceful. You should give it a try some day. Then I quickly opened my eyes and imagined the sword swinging swiftly above the shoulders of our friend Kalihor. This I do not recommend for the feint of heart.

I love how this pic depicts the yin and yang, for they cannot exist without each other. This is definitely one of the better submissions I’ve seen recently. It’s clean, has nice lines and the colors really work well together. Kalihor is a true warrior, keep up the honorable work my friend.


Photo by: Kalihor

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Check them out if you've ever wanted to go to France and French kiss some French girls.



Pic of the Week

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