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J!NX Partners with Team EG!

If you follow me on twitter you know that my love affair with the guys from Team Evil Geniuses is far from a secret. It’s actually closer to one of those “yell it from the top of a mountain” type of things.

So, with that being the case, and after many moons of preparation, it is with insurmountable excitement that I announce the J!NX/Team Evil Geniuses World Domination Partnership.

...Well, it's actually more of an apparel thing, but you get the idea.

Just a few short weeks ago Team EG rolled into the IEM World Finals outfitted in freshly J!NX-designed team jerseys.

While there they took 1st place in World of Warcraft, 4th place in Counter Strike 1.6, and their player DaHanG placed in the 5-6th spot of Quake Live.

Many have attributed their success at the IEM World Finals to the sexy new threads they sported. I, however, have to send most of the credit to them being the premier pro-gaming organization in North America, as well as a group of overall badasses.

Read up on the details of the J!NX/EG haps on And, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for what's next. I assure you we have some pretty spectacular tricks up our sleeves.

Until then...


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