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Tweaks...Why Did it Have to Be Tweaks???

Voting Open on "Schienche Exchperiment" Tweakfest!

Vote on all of the Tweakfest submissions and earn 50 J!NX EXP!

Science has given the modern world so many gifts: electricity, penicillin, Flamin' Hot Cheetos... the list goes on. But science has a dark side. Very dark. Not many people are willing to talk about it, but we have found a select group of whistle-blowers that have provided us with visual "proof" of the dangers of what can happens when science turns ugly. Vote for your favorite and earn 50 EXP!

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Accepting Submissions: Raidrz of the Lost J!NX!

"We do not follow maps to buried treasure and X never, ever marks the spot." Wise words, Dr. Jones. Everyone knows the J!NX Crew don't need no stinkin' maps, and we certainly don't need an X to tell us where to dig. That's right everyone, it's tomb-raidin' time! Use the photos provided (or any others you find on the site) to create the most EPIC of relic hunts. Also, we've added a special twist this week. Since we're hunting relics, we want you to hide/incorporate a few items into your Tweak. All submissions MUST include/incorporate: a J!NX Skull, a ray gun, a banana, a cowboy hat and a UFO. Good Luck!

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Winner Announced: PWNED!

Pop Quiz, Hot-Shot: You're alone on a barren moon-scape with no cover and no ammo. Moustachio has chased you all over and has finally cornered you with his deadly finger-gun. What-do-you-do?? Nice job Kiqi!

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