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Snip the Red Wire!

(Note: Brolo’s shenanigans of last week have been severely punished and his foray into the sacred halls of Skydog’s Pic of the Week has been terminated with extreme prejudice. Fear not, Skydog has returned with my oath sworn and heart felt promise to return the length of my monologue to proper ADHD standards.)

Upon my first viddy of this contrasted Jinx Maze photo my first thought was emo band album cover. If you follow my Pic of the Week at all, and browse the J!NX Pix pages, then you are well aware of the fact that some weeks have loads of amazing photos to choose a winner from, and some weeks, well, some weeks Emo SnakeXeyeZ is the crème de la crème. It’s still pretty cool, in an emo band album cover sort of way.

I had more to say about this weeks winner, but there’s a time bomb ticking in the warehouse and I have to go snip either the red or blue wire before the entire Fortress explodes… Hmmm, which wire should I snip?


Photo by: SnakeXeyeZ

What I'm currently listening to: Tapes n' Tapes

Check them out if you think there should always be more cowbell.



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