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The Incredible Rex

Doctor Rex Banner: physician; scientist. Searching for a way to tap into the hidden strengths that all humans have. Then an accidental overdose of gamma radiation alters his body chemistry. And now when Rex Banner grows angry or outraged a startling metamorphosis occurs. The creature is driven by rage and is pursued by a J!NX blog writer named Skydog.

Rex Banner: “Mr. Skydog, don’t make me angry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.”

The creature is wanted for a murder he didn’t commit. Rex Banner is believed to be dead, and he must let the world think that he is dead, until he can find a way to control the raging spirit that dwells within him.


Photo by: Rex Banner

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Pic of the Week

Long ago, in days of Yore, there was one called Skydog. With the power of his keyboard he bestowed the worthy few with their deserved praise! We carry on his legacy while he is busy sharpening up on his dragon-slaying and information tech dominance.