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Samurai Jo

Faeriemusejo, while on vacation with her mother and father in Japan when she was only 3, sadly became an orphan due to a freak rickshaw accident. With no immediate family left she was raised by an elderly Japanese gentleman by the name of Kenji, who happened to be a master at the art of swordplay. Kenji’s great great grandfather Tokugawa was one of the last samurai in Japan and passed on the Bushido tradition to his son. This rich tradition was finally passed along from Kenji to Faeriemusejo, who is affectionately known to her friends as FMJ, or Samurai Jo.

FMJ is an expert with a katana. There are few that match her skill with a sword, and less still that can hold a candle to her fro. Each year of training, as her hair poofed larger, her agility and expertise in the art of war soared to unreachable heights. She is now a legend among modern Kendo practitioners and Lauryn Hill.


Photo by: Faeriemusejo

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