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No Pixels Required

The J!NX crew has been on a little PC/console gaming hiatus as of late in favor of some non-pixelated entertainment. While I have been leading some of these naive adventurers in a D&D campaign that will almost assuredly lead to some form of untimely, unfair demise, today's glog will cover another form of tabletop gaming: boardgames.

More generally speaking, board AND card games (not card-board games, although many have card-board components. And yes, I know card-board isn't hyphenated, but I couldn't make the joke work without a hyphen). All images below are pilfered without consent from, but I'm linking to them, so QQ more.

Also, FYI, we started posting links to the stuff we're playing, listening to, etc, in the right sidebar of The Tavern homepage.


Citadels is an intense game of psychology and, more importantly, screwing over the other players. Naturally, we took to it almost immediately. It's also relatively quick once everyone knows what they are doing and we've began knocking out a round here at lunch. It's all cards and takes a very small playing area.

Chance of getting your non-geek friends to play: 65%

Ticket to Ride

Easy to learn and it has little plastic trains that you get to play with. Do I need to go on? The beauty of this game is that you can rope almost anyone into playing. Although some of us prefer games with a great deal of depth, it's not always easy to find people willing to spend 4 hours playing a game that takes 2 hours to learn, with enough playing chits to choke a camel. That is why we NEED games like Ticket to Ride. Otherwise, you'll be playing Milton Bradley games for the rest of your life, and what kind of life is that? Monopoly is fun for 5 minutes until the nostalgia wears off and you realize you're playing Monopoly.

Chance of getting your non-geek friends to play: 85%

Settlers of Catan

Most of you have probably heard of this one, or play it regularly, so I won't explain it. If you haven't played it yet, pick it up. It's a classic that any geek worth his/her weight in gold pieces owns.

Chance of getting your non-geek friends to play: 70%

So, off topic, I had to post this picture we took on the way back to the office from lunch. It's basically a broken street sign that was hanging upside down. All I can say is, how many of you bitches immediately read this as Speed Limit 14? I did.