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The J!NX Design Arcade

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For 10 years, J!NX has been accepting art submissions from you, our most honored minions. However, we have kept these design submissions confined to our eyes alone, never to be seen by the masses unless they are actually made. All that is changing, friends.

Introducing the J!NX Design Arcade, an ON-GOING T-Shirt design competition that asks you, our favorite person from the interwebz, to submit art and/or vote to make your important and correct opinion heard.

Step 1) We will be screening out the fail submissions so the voter's experience will be more enjoyable. You're welcome.

Step 2) Designs are put up for you to critique or praise at your own discretion in the voting section. Earn 10 J!NX EXP per vote!

Step 3) The designs are judged with the intense scrutiny only found on the Interweb.

Step 4) After two weeks of voting, an elite panel of Trained Design Choosers(TM) will weigh it all (the votes, the comments and what the voices in their head tell them) to choose winners.

This will be an on-going thing, forever and always, not a one-time deal, so there will always be new, epic designs to vote on.

Initially, only the submission section will be open until we have our first batch of rad design entries. We're estimating voting to begin no later than June 21st, based on the amount of submission we receive.. If you have a quality T-Shirt design, or are prepared to create one that reflects the J!NX lifestyle, you can win up to $1000 if your design is made ($750 cash + $250 J!NX gift certificate)! Even if your design only makes it to the voting stage, you'll still earn 250 J!NX EXP.

Why are you still reading this? Go make something awesome.

- Jinx