Customize Your J!NX


The modern internet has become a pretty boring place. Everything pretty much looks the same, uses the same colors and has the same features. Well, that's because those things work the best. But at J!NX, we don't always care what works the best. Sometimes we just want to have fun and screw around, and you are probably the same way. So keep tuned into MyJ!NX, and over time we'll add new skins and features and pretty much whatever the hell we feel like adding because you know what we rule and we dont even need to use puncuation or spelling cuz those things are fore sucka em-cees.

MyJ!NX© - Commence the Hijinx!


Skins - BETA!

A skin will replace the color scheme on the website. This is still in development, so if you are having trouble finding something, switch back to the default style... Remember, this is JUST FOR FUN! But if you have any trouble, report it to Brolo.