Monsters Inside

Created by: Loopy

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About My Design: Monsters Inside


This drawing was obviously inspired by Minecraft. I love the game, but I'm really afraid of caves. Every time I find a cave, creepers and zombies just seem to never end! This is supposed to be a dug out hole, through which you can see a dark cave. In it, there's two creepers, a spider and an enderman. I wanted to give some kind of impression that we all have 'monsters' inside of us, but tried to show it in a little different way. Yes, I did saw the official Minecraft shirt design, but after this was already done. I did not copy or try to steal the idea from them. This was done without knowing the other one exists. It is my imagination. Please, respect that. People who saw this said they really liked it and said they would love to wear it! Well, I hope you like my design, I hope I get chosen and good luck to everyone else entering, your entries are wonderful!

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