J!NX - Geek God

Created by: PSYKE

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About My Design: J!NX - Geek God

Adventurer PSYKE

This was originally intended to be part of a two-sided shirt design, (specifically the back side). The original front design had a similar glowing skull but much more colors and detail with a jungle setting. You can see the original vision here: http://www.behance.net/gallery/JNX-T-shirt-concept-Part-1/4729989 After fearing that my final design for the front portion of the shirt was becoming too complicated for print, I was thinking the back design should be on its own. I'm currently trying to think of ways to simplify the other design in hopes of salvaging as much of it as I can. Obviously while the design clearly reflects the J!NX logo with my own spin, it is more a tribute to gaming with sort of a Indiana Jones meets Scooby Doo adventure theme....ancient ruins, dangerous jungle and mysterious magic, etc...