Lucha Master Chief

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About My Design: Lucha Master Chief


Well, after Master Chief's ship broke off into ye olde black hole he found himself in a little ol town of Mexico. From there you can put the story together, yes he took off his armor, and yes he became a luchador. This lucha Chief mask is all that remains of the Chiefs past life. Any way I made this shirt for a halo 4 party my brother and I were hosting for some friends. I made the shirt for about 12 people it had text above the helmet that said"luchas para el COD" which I hope meant Fight for the COD in spanish (No one spoke spanish at the party so it was believable). The grand prize was a Master Chief COD piece that we battled for lined with velvet and fox fur to be authentic. When I printed the shirt I used Black, Khaki, and an Old Gold Metallic ink. They said I should submit the shirt so I thought I'd take the chance.