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Grab the Submission Kit and Guide

Your first step is to download our submission kit. The kit contains a basic t-shirt template for Photoshop and Illustrator, along with some rules for preparing your submission. If these rules are not followed, then your submission may be rejected.

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Create your Winning Design

Although you will be submitting your art at a lower resolution - 72 dpi (dots per inch) for web - you will want to create your art at 300 dpi. If you win, we will request the high resolution version. Be creative, have fun, and if possible, avoid the low hanging fruit. It isn’t as tasty.

It's also important to avoid using copyrighted images, tastelessly offensive concepts, or graphics that cannot be printed on a t-shirt. You may want to wear a photorealistic image of a stormtrooper using the restroom, but that doesn't mean we can (or will) print it.

From time to time, we will host themed contests for specific licensed partners, including World of Warcraft, Aion, StarCraft, EVE Online, Diablo, Minecraft, or Portal2. You can submit designs or these games at any time, but these contests will typically offer special prizes beyond the standard T-Shirt Design Challenge. Submissions to these special themed contests are encouraged to use characters and imagery from the game, but all artwork must be created by you, the artist.

Submit and Be Merry

Submission requires two images: a small GIF thumbnail (150 x 150 pixels), and the main display image, which should be exactly 900 pixels wide and 533 pixels tall. The main image may be in JPG, GIF, and PNG format. Once you have created and sized your images, use the submission form to submit your design. The design will be screened to make sure it fits our website and meets the J!NX standards of quality. If it passes, it will enter the Design Arcade for voting by the J!NX Community.

Common Questions/Concerns

Why would J!NX decline my design?
There are a few reasons that your design will not be pushed through for community voting:

  • The file is not formatted correctly - We need your image to work within our voting engine. Please limit your thumbnail to GIF format, 150 x 150 pixels square. Please limit your main image to GIF, JPG, or PNG format, exactly 900 pixels wide and 533 pixels tall. Also, please try to limit the size of your main image to 400KB or so. Bandwidth ain't free. Use the submission kit as a guide.
  • The design needs work – While the idea may be good, your design may still need some help art-wise. We try to uphold a standard of quality here at J!NX, and that may mean spending more time before submitting.
  • Too big or too many colors – If the design is outside of our typical production capabilities, we may need you to cut things down a bit to make it more manageable.
  • Copyrighted imagery - Your design should only contain your own artwork. Additionally, please do not submit concepts that will be blocked by copyright law for any reason. For instance, don't put the words "Star Wars" on your shirt, and don't put a picture of Chuck Norris on there. (The exception is when we run specially themed contests for licensed partners, like World of Warcraft or EVE Online. You will be allowed to portray copyrighted characters, but the artwork still must be your own.)
  • Inappropriate to the theme – All of our clothing is influenced by video games, geek culture, spaceships, giant robots, multi-sided dice, zombies... you get the idea. Sometimes we will hold contests for specific themes or license partners like World of Warcraft. Although your idea and art may be fantastic, it may not fit our brand or the contest's theme.

Current Contests

  • Gamer & Geek Related Designs

    "J!NX is a lifestyle clothing brand inspired by video games and geek culture." Bring the J!NX lifestyle to, uh, life. Send in a design that reflects your favorite game, movie, comic, novel, dice, or fuzzy slippers.

    $750 cash and $250 J!NX Gift Certificate

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