What is the Design Arcade?

Bring your art to life!

The J!NX crew loves art, it shapes us, inspires us, we create with passion. Many of you feel the same way. We want to put the spotlight on all of the amazing artists and creative geniuses that are part of our community. Bring your art to life! Get your work out there for the world to see (and vote on).

Submit and Vote

That's where you come in, brave artist. Design a shirt: it should be inspired by video games and/or geek culture, and... well, that's pretty much it. Make a cool t-shirt design, submit it to the contest,
and let the J!NX Community vote!

If a particular design has a high number of positive votes, the design moves on to the Final Judement(TM). An elite squad of J!NX judges will cast their righteous votes. Those designs left standing will receive the breath of life and emerge from our collective womb, naked and beautiful. That means you win! For some tips on submitting your work, check out the in-depth instructions.

Win Money!

If your shirt is selected for production, you will receive a cash prize - up to
$750 for graphic design T's - and a $250 J!NX Gift Certificate. The reward varies depending
on the theme of your submission.


General geek and gamer designs and slogans will always be accepted for the J!NX Brand, but from time to time we will host special themed contests for one of our licensed partners, like World of Warcraft or Minecraft. These contests will typically be short-term affairs, and may offer a different prize from the standard T-Shirt Design Challenge. You can always submit designs for these games, but they won't always come with special prizes.

Current Contests

  • Gamer & Geek Related Designs

    "J!NX is a lifestyle clothing brand inspired by video games and geek culture." Bring the J!NX lifestyle to, uh, life. Send in a design that reflects your favorite game, movie, comic, novel, dice, or fuzzy slippers.

    $750 cash and $250 J!NX Gift Certificate

    Rules & Submissions