Viewing Questions Regarding: J!NX Gold

  • Yes! On the Payment Options page of the checkout process you will be given the option of applying your Gold to your order. Do this first. If you order requires additional payment after your Gold balance has been applied, you may enter that information at that time. Please note that you must apply your full Gold balance and will not be able to apply a specific/custom amount to the order.
  • Put simply, J!NX Gold is a form of currency for use only at You earn Gold when you place an order at from your J!NX account, refer new customers, and submit a photo of yourself wearing J!NX clothing. This Gold can be used towards your next purchase. One (1) J!NX Gold = One (1) Penny
  • EVERYTHING at except Gift Certificates.
  • When you place an order using your account, you will receive J!NX Gold worth up to 12% of the item total after discounts(*). You do not receive Gold for:

    J!NX Referral Program - Earn J!NX Gold for referring customers. If somebody uses your J!NX Link and then makes a purchase on J! you receive up to 12% of their order's item total after discounts(*) in J!NX Gold. NOTE: If any account is purchasing large volumes of merchandise consistent with wholesale purchases, that account may not receive the referral gold.

    Submit a Photo - Earn 250 J!NX Gold for submitting a good picture, or 1500 J!NX Gold for submitting one that we love! Submitted photos must be accepted based on the Photo Submission Policy and Agreement in order to actually receive J!NX Gold.

    Participate in J!NX events and promotions for a chance to earn J!NX Gold rewards!

    * - During checkout, Gold will NOT be awarded for the following:

    • Any discounts and promotions applied to the order.
    • The cost of shipping or tax, when applicable.
    • The purchase of gift certificates.
    • Bulk purchase of items consistent with wholesale purchasing.
  • No, as we do intend to stay in business :) Any retail orders that include a cost and/or quantity that go beyond a normal retail order will be investigated and may result in the removal of J!NX Gold.
  • Yes, J!NX Gold expires after 13 months. How and when you earned your J!NX Gold can by found by following the 'View J!NX Gold History' link on your 'My Account' page.
  • No. J!NX Gold can only be used online at
  • When you make a purchase or refer someone that makes a purchase you will be awarded your J!NX Gold when the order ships.