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    Sign up at a participating GameStop

    Then choose:

    • PowerUp Rewards™ for FREE
    • PowerUp Rewards PRO™ for $14.99
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    Activate Your Card at PowerUpRewards.com

    Get up to 500 points for activating your online account at PowerUpRewards.com and completing your preferences and game library.

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    Enjoy the rewards!

    Just show your card every time you purchase or trade in store and when you buy online at Gamestop.com

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    Find out more at
    PowerUp Rewards Benefits


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    Look up your product using your
    redemption code

    You should have received this in your email from Gamestop.
    It will be applied automatically once you checkout. Don’t have a code yet? Get yours from the PowerUp Rewards Catalog.

    Exclusive Offer For PowerUp Rewards Members 10% OFF all other merchandise for this order only.

    If you are experiencing issues redeeming your code find answers to your questions here

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    Choose from all the plentiful options

    Select your style (Premium, Basic, or Women's), size, and add to cart.
    Don't forget to look around the site for anything else you want to pick up while you're here.

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    Complete the checkout process

    Start by logging in or create a J!NX account if you haven't already, then click on the shopping cart icon at the top right.

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    Level UP!

    *Prepare for a vast upgrade in popularity due to enhanced gear.

    *This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA, EPA, SEC, NAFTA, or your mom.
    (No disrespect to any of the beautiful moms out there, but she probably DIDN'T read this.)