• Why does my item still show at full price?
    When you enter your code into the "Lookup Product" field on the http://www.jinx.com/poweruprewards page, you'll be routed to the appropriate product page for the item you chose. The item will still show at full price here, and in your shopping cart. The discount isn't applied until you begin the checkout process. When you reach the "Payment Options" portion of the checkout, you'll notice that you are only being charged for the shipping fee (and any other items you have added to your cart).
  • When I enter my code, the site tells me it is invalid...
    Did you enter your code correctly? If any errors are made with the code, it will not work properly. Try using copy/paste to enter the code instead of keying in the letters and numbers individually. This greatly reduces the likelihood of error.
  • My code is supposed to give me the item for free. Why are you charging me shipping?
    As part of our agreement with GameStop, shipping is not covered when you redeem your PowerUp Points for our products. There was a disclaimer on the PowerUp Rewards catalog that mentioned this. Unfortunately you must pay the shipping in order to receive your item.
  • I don't know how to use my code to get my free item.
    Redeeming your code is easy! Simply visit http://www.jinx.com/poweruprewards and enter your code (we recommend using copy/paste) into the "Look Up Product" field and click the corresponding button next to it. You'll be taken directly to the product page for the item you chose. Add the item to your cart in the appropriate size (the code will work for Premium, Basic, Women's, and Youth Fit). From there, you can add more items you your cart, if you wish. When you are done shopping, you can proceed through the checkout process. Your Activation Code should auto-fill in to the "Promotional Code" field. Please note that the item will show at full price until you start the checkout process, but when you reach the "Payment Options" page, you'll notice that you are only being charged for the shipping fee (and any other items you have added to your cart).
  • Why can't I redeem two codes at once?
    Our system will only allow you to redeem one promotional code per order, unfortunately. We know this sucks, so we're willing to help you out here. If you have more than one code to redeem, you can place each order separately, paying the multiple shipping fees. Email us both/all of your Order ID numbers once they have been confirmed, and we will refund the extra shipping fee(s) for you. We will waive standard shipping only. If you select expedited shipping you will only be credited for standard shipping.
  • I changed my mind and I don't want this item anymore.
    If you wish to have your points refunded. Please email us your code at support[at]jinx[dot]com with an explanation of your request. We will de-activate your code in our system and contact GameStop to refund your points. Please note that this process may take several days. If you need a new size, we can exchange it for a new size in the same design. Power Up point purchases cannot be exchanged for different styles.
  • I lost my code or wrote it down incorrectly. What do I do now?
    You can access your Activation Code at any time in your GameStop Digital Locker.

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