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  • What kind of events does J!NX sponsor?
    We try to support events that all share the same main goals: Creating an interesting and entertaining event for gaming/geek community members, or events that involve gaming for a Charity cause. This is also the same for things like live-streams. We like to be able to support content that is involving the community in more than a passive manner, or a stream whose goal is to raise funds or awareness for a charity cause.
  • Will J!NX Sponsor My Gaming Clan/Livestream/Lets Play Videos/Gaming Blog?
    In the case of a live-stream/youtube channel/blog, we really like to see people being involved in gaming, and becoming content creators. We are not in a position to be able to selectively support these kind of things on an ongoing basis. If you’re hoping to do a giveaway to bolster your followership, at this time that is not something we are getting involved in. If you’d like to let us know about a charity stream or event you are holding, please submit a request!
  • How do you determine which events to Sponsor?
    We try to spread the support across a lot of differing factors. We want to support events in varied locations, of differing sizes, focusing on a range of the games we make products for. We have a set amount of events we can sponsor in a given time period, so we also employ a certain amount of first-come first–served priority. This is a big reason why it is important to send in an application as early as possible, if we aren't able to fit it in now, you may be bumped to the top of the next list.
  • Will you send me money to fund my event?
    J!NX contributes to community events in the form of prizing only. We do not send monetary support to events.
  • What if my Question isn't answered here?
    Submit a support request, making sure to select “Events/Sponsorship” from the menu however, if you think your event qualifies see the next question for the events email address.
  • I think my event meets the requirements, what do I do?
    To simplify the process of determining event eligibility we require all Sponsorship requests be submitted with a form. Please copy the text below, and include the info requested. NOTE: If you do not use the requested format your email will be ignored, so don't do that.
    Please Copy the following into an email to Event Name:
    Expected Attendance:
    Planned Games:

    Additional Message: