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Agricola (pronounced a-GRI-co-la) is a deep, resource-driven game for one to five players. You start with a farming couple living in a simple two-roomed hut. Over 14 rounds, each player will use their family members one at a time to play any of the available, unused actions. Some actions reward one of many resources such as wood, reed, clay, food or grain. Other actions allow you to build onto your house to make room for more family members, create farms to grow food for your family, plant grain or vegetables into those farms, or fence off pastures for raising livestock. Major and minor Improvement cards can also be played that have various one-time or ongoing beneficial effects to your game. At the end of the game, victory points are earned for every aspect of your farm and the winner is the player with the most victory points. Our games typically take around 30 minutes per player.

Video: Watch an Overview Video
Players: 1-5 (Best with 3 or 4)
Complexity: High
Playing Time: 120 minutes
Suggested Ages: 12+
Tags: Games, Games, Board Games, Medieval/Fantasy
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