Cthulhu Dice

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  • Game Design by Steve Jackson
  • Includes a custom 12-Sided die, embossed with tentacles, Elder Signs, and more!
  • Keep Cthulhu Dice in your pocket.
  • Ages 10 and Up

Note: Packages will randomly be one of the colors displayed. The counter color matches the set's die. Cthulhu Dice lets you drive your rivals mad . . . very, very quickly. Players take turns rolling the big, beautiful, custom 12-sided die, embossed with tentacles, Elder Signs, and more. Destroy your opponents' sanity! Better yet, steal it. But watch out for Cthulhu – when he comes up, he takes sanity from everyone! 18 glass Sanity marbles are included. Lose all your marbles and you're mad. The last sane cultist wins . . . unless everyone goes mad together. Then Cthulhu wins!

Players: 2-6
Complexity: Low - Easy to Learn
Playing Time: 5 minutes
Suggested Ages: 6+
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