Penny Arcade Deckbuilding Game

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Joueurs: 2-4 (Best with 3 or 4)
Difficulté: Low to Medium
Temps de jeu: 30 minutes
Âges suggérés: 15+
Mot-clés: Games, Games, Jeux de cartes, Médiéval/Fantastique, Amusant

Welcome to the world of Penny Arcade, the top web comic for all things gaming, so it's only fitting that Penny Arcade gets its own deck-building game. Players will select cards from a communal pool. You've followed the way of the warrior, the story of the Cardboard Tube Samurai. You too wept with Charles over the lack of Halo on the Macintosh. Now rally them together to build your perfect deck.

In Penny Arcade: The Game - Gamers vs. Evil, players will take from a shared group of cards representing icons from the Penny Arcade world, each character possessing a unique power. Purchase Gamer cards with your gold. Yes, put that Merch in your deck! CONSUME! If you'd prefer to battle, wield the Cardboard Tube and attack one of the Evil cards. Dodge PAX Pox, make friends with a Werewolf With a Top Hat, ally with Cardboard Tube Samurai, PvP with your opponents, and skewer Dark Tycho for his epic loot. Build your perfect deck and win the battle of Gamers vs. Evil.