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Race for the Galaxy is a card game for 2 to 4 players set in space. Each round, players simultaneously choose one of five possible game phases. Then, all the phases that were chosen happen one at a time, in order, for everyone. The Explore phase is used to draw and gain new cards. The Develop phase allows players to put their development cards into play after paying the cost indicated in the corner with any other random cards from their hand. In other words, cards are also used as a generic form of currency. The Settle phase lets you play a planet. Planets with colored circles produce goods and in the Produce phase, cards are placed face down under them to represent those goods. Finally, the Consume phase expends those goods to draw cards or earn victory points. Victory points are found on many cards, indicated by the number in the hexagon. The game generally ends when someone has 12 cards on the table, and the winner is the player with the most victory points. Our games typically last about an hour.

Game Notes

Race for the Galaxy is on manufacturer backorder.

Video: Watch an Overview Video
Players: 2-4 (Best with 3 or 4)
Complexity: Medium to High
Playing Time: 30 minutes
Suggested Ages: 12+
Tags: Games, Games, Card Games, Science Fiction
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