Boss Enrages April 2nd!

Defeat him before then to earn extra loot!

Boss: Steve?

The adventurer Steve? has tormented us for too long. From his totally awesome custom-built mega fortress, he ventures into our deepest caverns; taking our precious diamonds and turning our skeleton friends into green orbs. We have peeked in his windows and discovered a weakness. Choose to help the Creeper or Enderman conquer Steve? and make him walk a long way to recover all his items.

Adult Creeper Bundle

$96.97 Only $77!

  • Adult Creeper Anatomy Hoodie
  • Adult Creeper Anatomy Tee
  • Creeper Head
Bundle details

Adult Enderman Bundle

$86.97 Only $77!

  • Adult Enderman Hoodie
  • Adult Eye of Ender Tee
  • Enderman Head
Bundle Details

Youth Creeper Bundle

$91.97 Only $73.55!

  • Youth Creeper Anatomy Hoodie
  • Youth Creeper Anatomy Tee
  • Creeper Head
Bundle Details

Youth Enderman Bundle

$76.97 Only $61.50!

  • Youth Enderman Hoodie
  • Youth Eye of Ender Tee
  • Enderman Head
Bundle Details

Bonus Loot

What's a boss fight without bonus loot drops? If the boss health drops below the 50% mark, all raid team members will get bonus loot with their bundles. If the boss health drops to 0, a high value item will be added as well! You can check out this battle's bonus loot by clicking on the icons above the boss health, or the button below!

J!NX Gold and Exp

Participating in this boss raid will earn you 680 J!NX gold and exp!
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Sound the Horn!

Remember, the larger our raid team, the more damage the boss takes - which means more loot for you!

Upcoming Boss Battle

Something has attached itself to the J!NX super computer and you don’t even want to know what comes out of the coffee machine now. Gear up and help us take this boss down for good. Seriously. We need coffee badly. The battle begins soon! Check back with us for more information.

What is Boss Battle?

J!NX Boss Battle is a recurring limited supply bundle made up of J!NX’s best products centered around defeating a unique and diabolical boss. Each gear bundle features special pricing from 25-40% off and the possibility of bonus items as the boss’s health bar declines. Multiple bundles will be available for each battle. Once the boss has been defeated, a new boss will be launched. Bosses will enrage in a certain number of days if they are not defeated!

  1. Greetings, Adventurer!

    These bosses aren't going to slay themselves, so we're here to offer a little guidance to help you on your way to becoming a legend.

  2. The Boss

    We want this menace gone. To do that, we need brave adventurers to join the team and take him down! It won't be easy, but we think you're up to the challenge.

  3. Boss Health

    This is the boss' health. Buy a gear bundle and the boss will take damage.

    Be forewarned, bosses will enrage after 14 days if they are not destroyed and the battle will end.

  4. Gear Bundles

    Purchase gear bundles to attack the boss and join the raid team!

    Bundles are carefully crafted by the J!NX quartermaster to focus on the weak points of the boss and feature the very best J!NX has to offer!

  5. Initiative Buff

    Any gear bundles purchased while the boss health is above 70% will be granted free domestic shipping!

    Once the boss health drops below 70%, the buff will go away, and regular shipping rates apply.

  6. Bonus Loot

    If the boss drops to 50% health, ALL team members will have an item added to their bundle for free! If the boss drops to 0 health, then ALL team members will receive an additional high-value item!

    Bonus items will be shipped along with your gear bundle once the battle is over.


    There is nothing more to teach. The only thing left is to join the battle. So, gear up, tell your friends,become the stuff of legend, and just maybe earn some free loot along the way!

Initiative Buff


Purchase a gear bundle while the boss health is above 70% for FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING.


50% Health

Creeper Bracelet

If the raid team drops the boss' health to 50%, all team members will receive this item free with their gear bundle!

Other Bonus Loot

Boss Clear

Minecraft 3" Hanger Blind Pack Series 1

If the raid team clears this boss, dropping his health to 0, all team members will receive this item free with their gear bundle!

Boss Kill will also award all team members an additional 250 J!NX gold and 200 exp!

Other Bonus Loot