Diablo 3 Papercraft Contest!

The legend of papercraft challenge has ended!

Huzzah! The legend of papercraft challenge has come to an end! The submissions were bountiful, the level of creativity was unending, and the way of the papercraft was taken to a new level. We are proud to award our grand prize winner with all 6 of our current Diablo III tees, in addition to 3 of the upcoming collection to launch after the release of Diablo III. Feast your eyes on the glory of papercraft, and let’s hear it for our winner!

Papercraft Grand Prize Winner!

Papercraft Runner-Ups

While there can be only one grand prize winner, several other entries were awarded runner-up prizes. Here is a look at some of the runner-ups:

The Cairn Stones Crafted By WaitandC
I need to get that in my Inventory! Crafted By Amy