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We're the guildies that you raid with until your eyes are blurry. We're that annoying bastard that wrecks your whole team and doesn't let you forget it. We're that friend you've gamed with for years, but that you’ve never actually met. We’re all the people that you’ve connected with through a passion for gaming and competition.

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Welcome to J!NX

I hope that your journey through the Internet from World of Talesworth was a pleasant one.

When I was a wee lad, age 7, I decided that I was going to to make games when I grew up. After many incomplete, half-finished games, I finally managed to get a few done, and World of Talesworth is one of them. I've also made some other stuff over the years with the help of a crew of badass, trash-talking gamers, and that's where you're at now, reading this. J!NX is a brand built around our collective passion for gaming. So, from the whole J!NX crew, welcome adventurer.

- Sean (aka Heavy)

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