Having a pet can be a lot of work, but with the new RealPet™, it can work for you. Equipped with Sata 8, Bluetooth compatibility, and a system agnostic USB 5 connection this dog is nothing to shake a stick at.

The RealPet: Dog Edition is equipped with a brand new state of the art AI behavior generation system: B.A.R.Q.

The Binary to Analog Randomized Quantifier takes a mass of raw behavior data, and adds the realistic element of randomized actions you'd expect from a sub-standard traditional dog but in the shiny, dangerous RealPet™ form factor. The RealPet™ also allows for an unlimited amount of customization with add-on packages. Upgrades include: Sub-Woofer, Infrared heat ray, Time wibbly-wobblification unit, Speed upgrade to allow 88 MPH top speed, Mail-delivery pursuit subroutines... and many more.

The RealPet™: DE comes in 4 colors to allow you to express your individuality: Growler Grey, Ruff Rider Red, Good boy Green, Belly-rub blue.

Also coming soon- RealPet™: CAT EDITION.