On May 12th, 1999

A signal of unknown origin was detected by a small group of people in a remote location of Southern California. Contained within the signal was a message with partial blueprints of an unknown device. Study of the incomplete blueprints led researchers to the conclusion that without additional data, no determination of its purpose could be made. Over the next 18 years, numerous reports of the signal were received from all corners of the globe, gradually growing in frequency until exposure to the signal had become a daily occurrence. These reports often contained obscure blueprints that were entirely unique. Over the years, it became apparent that these blueprints were actually part of a larger diagram detailing the specifications of a single device.

Data received from all corners of the globe.

We're all in this together now.

Primary location reached. Signal data transmitting.

It has to be here...

Received. Searching Now.

Confirmed acquisition. This has to be it.

18 years of receiving signals, sharing notes and collecting pieces. This belongs to all of us.

Hopefully, this final piece contains the information needed to activate the device.

Unbelievable! It works! It finally works!

Connecting...Uploading New directives.

Coordinates Uploaded.

Got it. It's an unmarked tower nearby

Signal 1999-JH connected.

Signal 2017-JB connected.