Unsung Heroes - Winners!!

House Ender
by Catghost

Animals of Minecraft
by Kerri

The Unsung Heroes Seal
by JBDrawing

The Anatomy of Alchemy
by CrowBekah

The Leviathan
by HankEwbank

Undercover Wolf
by smallsapling

Greetings from The Nether
by bendrawslife

Safe and Sound
by Valark

Cooking with the Ghast
by drewler

Rumor Has It...
by Tehenauin


Enderdragon + The Last Stand
by SamCube

Fight Of The Elements
by Sockthing

The Dark Side of the Wolf
by Kizzle

We are part of minecraft
by Coffgirl

Iron Golem
by shin

Babysitting Ocelot Cubs
by Drew

Chinese Ender Dragon
by twstdelf

Wolf Moon

You and what army?
by Emilykun

Welcome to The End
by ferazhin