FAQ - Events & Sponsorship

What does J!NX sponsor?

J!NX supports events, bloggers and streamers that all share our main goals: Creating an engaging, entertaining and interactive event for gaming/geek community members, or events that involve gaming for a charity cause.

What type of sponsorships are available?

J!NX contributes products to be used as giveaways, prizes and other incentives. We do not provide monetary support.

How can I request to be sponsored?

If you would like J!NX to sponsor your event, then submit the following information to support@jinx.com (include SPONSORSHIP in the subject line).

  • Event Name:
  • Date:
  • Location:
  • Expected Attendance/Viewership:
  • Planned Games:
  • Additional Message:

    Provide as much information as you can about your event. Be creative! The more we know, the more we will be interested.