FAQ - J!NX Rewards

What is the J!NX Rewards Program?

J!NX has discontinued our J!NX Rewards program. If you had accumulated J!NX Rewards points, we emailed you a J!NX Discount Code with the equivalent value of your J!NX Rewards points to be used on future purchases. Your J!NX Discount Code will expire on the same date that your JINX Rewards points were set to expire.

The Discount Code page you were sent to in your email says 'Gift Card', but the J!NX Rewards Program point conversion is a Discount Code with an expiration date.

What happened to J!NX Gold and J!NX EXP?

The J!NX Gold and EXP program has been replaced by our shiny new J!NX Rewards Program. If you had a J!NX Gold balance, then it has been transferred in full to the new J!NX Rewards point system and can still be used at checkout.

If you had an account with J!NX in the past, then just create a new account using the same email and you will be able to see your J!NX Rewards points.