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I'm waiting for the day that I can actually jack myself into the internet ala: The Matrix (not counting Matrix II or III...those were terrible). The faster I can actually smell the sulphur of a smoldering Ironforge, the better. If I can't be a real life Ghost in the Shell, then I shall depart this Earthly plain highly disappointed.


Jessica Chobot became an overnight Internet sensation when a tongue-in-cheek modeling photo of her appeared online licking the Sony PSP. The photo has been widely parodied since, even appearing on Sony-branded advertising.

Chobot was hired full-time by to take over hosting responsibilities for the network's IGN Weekly show. Her segments include stand-up introductions as well as "woman-on-the-street" pieces. In addition, she contributes columns, features and reviews and her IGN blog is one of the most visited on the site.

Currently, Chobot is also a regular contributer to, Fuel TV's The Daily Habit and the recently launched IGN GameBreak. She has also made apperances on G4, CBS, Fox Sports Network and Inside Xbox on Xbox Live with IGN's latest Tips and Tricks show: IGN Strategize.

Most recently, Jessica has appeared on commercials for ADV's Anime Network On Demand cable station, lent her likeness to Southern Island Toy Company for two limited-edition anime-style sculptures. In addition, she has modeled for the J!NX female gamers clothing line. In 2006-2007, she co-wrote a sci-fi script with writer/director/creator of Tron, Steve Lisberger.


LA-based Jessica Chobot is an on-camera host/staff writer for, where she appears in video segments and writes columns and a popular IGN blog. She has also made numerous appearances on various TV shows. IGN_Strategize

25 Things

  1. I've come to find that by making your hobby your job, you invite a world of hurt into your life. Despite that, I wouldn't change places with anyone. Not even for a million dollars (two million might make it happen though).
  2. I constantly start new characters in WoW to the detriment of my guild mates patience.
  3. I chased Lynda Carter (aka: Wonder Woman) down the red carpet at the Pirates of the Caribbean 2 premiere and forced her to touch my hand.
  4. My love of video games helped to contribute to my divorce.
  5. I've back-packed throughout the Kansai region of Japan...alone...from the years 2003-2005. These adventures also consisted of sleeping on floors and in train stations, getting into a fight with some British guy at a youth hostel, having the coach of the Irish soccer (football) team fall out of a mountain and onto my feet at a Buddhist temple in Kyoto during the World Soccer Tournament being held later in S. Korea and eating whole fish with the eyeballs still attached.
  6. I was once kidnapped in Chiba, Japan during the Tokyo Game Show.
  7. In the last three years, I have been to: Tokyo, Kyoto, Kobe, Shanghai, Seoul, Paris, New York, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Leipzig, Berlin, Chicago and Detroit.
  8. I want to be an android.
  9. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a focus in painting and drawing.
  10. I believe in aliens and ghosts and desperately want to see one or the other or both (even if it means I might poop myself out of fear).
  11. I love old movies, especially musicals (I know a lot of musical numbers).
  12. My favorite old Hollywood movie star is Marlene Dietrich. She reminds me of my mom.
  13. I have a hot temper and lack even the smallest amount of patience.
  14. I have an unrequited crush on Jason Schwartzman. My co-worker Anthony tells me he sees him around LA all of the time. I haven't seen him once :(
  15. I love sour candy (especially sour straws/strips).
  16. I can eat a jar of dill pickles in one sitting and am planning on doing so as soon as I finish typing this list.
  17. My favorite drinks are: sloe gin fizz, gin & tonic, Bloody Mary and Kikusui sake.
  18. Final Fantasy VIII is my favorite FF game (thus far). I didn't really like FF VII. There! I said it! :p
  19. The Sega Dreamcast is my fave system of all time-even with it's crappy controller- I still love it.
  20. My LOOOOVVVEEEE shojo manga. Especially "Hot Gimmick."
  21. My fave anime (series and movie) of all time is Ranma 1/2.
  22. I still have my old Ranma 1/2 fighting game for the SNES (Super Nintendo).
  23. As I'm typing out this list I'm watching the anime, "Paprika," on my Xbox 360 Netflix instant queue.
  24. I have two cats: Mulder and Scully. Both cats are boys.
  25. I believe I have guardian angels. I know because I heard one say something to me once.

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