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"My sword is so fast, it travels back in time and kills my enemy's mother before he is conceived."


Miguel "Borador" Rojas is one of the talented artists here at Jinx. He has always been illustrating. Some say he even came out of his mother’s womb with a pencil and sketch pad. Borador is happiest when he is drawing. Whether it be mythical creatures derived deep from within his cranium or butterflies for his daughter, he loves the departure from reality that many of his illustrations provide.

He decided several years back to somehow make a living off of his talent. If you can do what you love and find somebody out there willing to pay you to do it, what else can be better? After several community college courses in art he moved to sunny San Diego and graduated from the Art Institute of San Diego. Hard work, determination, along with a passion for life and a love for art is what makes him who he is. Having grown up on watching He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, he lives by He-Man’s "I Have The POWER." "I have the power to be the best that I can be."


An amazing RPG created by Jinx and I. Some whined about it being too difficult while others said it was too easy. The majority however, loved it. I did all the eye candy art and really tried to keep a steam punk/fantasy feel though out each piece.

25 Things

  1. I am always looking at artwork.  It is important for me to keep my mind open to ideas and styles.
  2. I have come to realize that in order for me to leave an imprint on this earth; I must do it through my daughter.
  3. When I am asleep I’ve been told that I sound like "Predator."
  4. Whenever I am watching T.V. or playing games I have to have it loud.  I have to feel like I am in the game or movie I am watching.  It gets so loud and intense that sometimes I even duck behind my couch and use it as a crate when I am playing Resistance.
  5. When I am drawing I tune everything out.  I am in a zone and usually prefer to be alone.  This is usually my time to tune reality out and emerge myself in the place or character that I am creating.
  6. I used to eat 5 Oreos and 5 Chips-a-Hoy every night for more than 5 years before I went to bed.  Mmmmmm, Oreos.  Oh oh, I better not have a relapse.
  7. Dale Keown and Peter David’s work on The Incredible Hulk is what made me start collecting comic books.
  8. I am very competitive.  I bring my best every time regardless of whom I am playing or what I am competing at.  If I lose I want to play again.  Though I am not a sore long as we play until I win.
  9. Silent Hill 2 was the first game that really creeped me out.  The mood that the game created from the graphics and the sounds is something I will never forget.
  10. If a game doesn’t visually look good, I won’t care to play it.  With today's systems there is no reason why a game should look bad.  Unfortunately, many are losing even the slightest bit of a story line because of this.  They pump all their time into its look and forget what the point of the game was after 10 minutes.
  11. Dumb people annoy me.
  12. My favorite toy line of all time was M.O.T.U. (Masters of the Universe) I still have most of my original MOTU figures from when I was young and display them proudly.  I also collected many of the newer remakes since then.
  13. I can’t seem to make it into work before 10 am.  Even when I need to be in at a certain time for something important, I stroll in about 15 minutes or so after that time.  The morning and I don’t agree much.
  14. The Incredible Hulk is my favorite character.  His strength cannot be matched by any other character created.  EVER! The angrier he gets the stronger he gets.  I used to act like I turned into him when I got mad as a kid, that is until I broke the coffee table.  Let’s just say my dad put an end to the Hulk after that.
  15. I have an addiction to bread.  It is so bad that I even smell the bread before I eat it.  There has been many times where I have eaten a whole loaf of French bread all by itself.  Oh sweet, sweet bread, without you no meal is complete.
  16. I like cats better than dogs.  This probably is because they are much more independent than a dumb dog.
  17. I used to watch the Gobots (yes I said the Gobots) with my brother and from watching them, we would animate them transforming from their normal state to whatever vehicle they changed to.
  18. The Shining is my favorite movie of all time. 
  19. I try to draw everyday.  If anything I make sure to draw around 5 times a week.  It's important for me to stay in a creative state of mind.
  20. When I have dreams where I fly, I usually have to get a running start before I get off the ground.  I can’t seem to have a dream where I can just leap into the air like Superman and fly away.
  21. I have over 200 action figures. I say 90% are Masters of the Universe and the others are Spawn. Most of these are in their original boxes hanging up in my closet’s walls.
  22. I don’t like to rush things.  Patience is key and very rewarding.  Though I can't say that I didn't rush these 25 random things about me.
  23. I use to have a 97’ Honda Civic with a graphic of "The Darkness" that took up the entire hood.
  24. I don’t keep many of my old drawings because I don’t like to look too far back.  That’s also how I am with life.  I don’t look back too much because I am in constant motion and I stay moving forward.  I look and learn from the past but I don't stay in it.
  25. Read this out loud to all your friends and family:  I AM SOFA KING WE TODD DID.

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