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The way the internet and technology has enabled the explosion of diverse storytelling and entertainment to find an audience makes me so excited to be living at this moment in time.

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Zadi is part of a new breed of entertainment producers who are versed in technology as much as they are in the art of visual media. She's co-founder of Smashface Productions, an entertainment company focused on developing original programming for the web, creating co-productions with traditional media, and building and cultivating online communities.

She is currently the co-creator and host of EPIC FU, a popular Webby Award-winning web series about internet culture, as well as co-founder of Pixelodeon, an annual screening festival held in Los Angeles recognizing innovation in global online video.

Though filming, writing, and directing are Zadi’s main focus, she also speaks on panels and teaches people around the world about social media and media literacy.

Her work has been highlighted in the New York Times, Forbes, CBS Evening News, MTV, The Associated Press, The Guardian, and many other national publications. She is a Film Independent Project:Involve Fellow, a member of the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences (IADAS), on the advisory board for PBS Engage, as well as a member of the Transatlantic Network 2020, an international initiative founded by the British Council.


Co-Creator/Executive Producer

"Geek" culture is the new cool culture for this generation. Being a geek is all about having a passion for something—films, bands, technology, video games, going green—and that passion makes you totally kick ass! EPIC FU is all about stoking the flames of geek passion, and therefore improves your kick to ass ratio with every viewing.

Co-Creator/Executive Producer

Hacking Hollywood takes a look at some of the ridiculous (or awesome) tech shown in Hollywood movies and TV shows and gets some savvy online peeps to sit down and give us their thoughts about it.


Pixelodeon is an annual independent video festival recognizing innovation, inspiration, and community in global online video.

During the inaugural festival, we screened over 300 videos, heard from four keynote speakers, watched sessions assembled by two dozen curators, and saw several hundred people interested in independent media get together over two days to celebrate the diversity and talent of online video content. If you wanted to see what’s happening online and meet the people who are making it happen, this was the place to be.


This long-term program provides opportunities for exploration, personal growth and, ultimately, broader problem-solving. By connecting young leaders who will be in the vanguard of leadership in the year 2020, the Transatlantic Network 2020 will foster an understanding of different cultures, beliefs and values that can be turned into action on global issues.

Advisory Board

The PBS Engage Web site is a laboratory for experiments with new kinds of media. PBS hopes it helps you connect with them better. It’s part of a bigger program, funded by the Knight Foundation, to help PBS, member stations and programs use new technologies to serve the public better.

25 Things

  1. My name is an anagram. My mom has a story about it.
  2. I'm hopelessly attracted to puzzling things.
  3. Mmmm... there's nothing like freshly baked chocolate cake, a good glass of red wine, and jazz music.
  4. I love the act of creating visual media (videos, photos, theater). I'm happiest when I'm writing, directing or producing.
  5. I get asthma attacks when I laugh, and the idea of dying laughing is quite funny. So, you see the conundrum.
  6. I sleep next to my iPhone... I believe one day it may kill me in my sleep.
  7. I'm not afraid of the robot rebellion.
  8. I believe in science, but am fascinated by faith.
  9. I've crawled on all fours down the deepest mine on earth, a dark gold mine in South Africa. It was awesome.
  10. I'm a Capricorn, Scorpio rising, with Virgo moon. You can Google what that may (or may not) mean. :)
  11. I love hanging out with very old people and very young children - they're either too old or too young to give a crap.
  12. I had my first fist fight in 3rd grade, and my last in 6th grade.
  13. I grew up in the South Bronx before it got kinda cool, so I've seen some pretty harsh things.
  14. The first time I played hooky, I got caught by my dad, who is a private investigator in NYC. That was the last time I played hooky.
  15. I obsessively collect memories - movie stubs, photos, videos, tickets - little moments in time.
  16. I have a bad memory, which is why I obsessively collect physical reminders.
  17. My first school play was The Wizard of Oz. I was cast as Glenda the Good Witch. Two days before the debut, I got the chicken pox.
  18. I'm open-minded to a fault.
  19. My mood is completely in sync with the weather, so it's a good thing that I live in Los Angeles.
  20. I've never played an evil character in an RPG. When I try to create one, I always end up feeling guilty.
  21. I'm addicted to the internet. I shouldn't be proud of that.
  22. I have 183 applications installed on my computer.
  23. I love the outdoors and love going on adventures... getting lost and finding new things is one of my favorite things to do.
  24. I believe love is the answer and fear is the enemy.
  25. I'm absolutely in love with life. 100 years (and 25 random things) is not enough. There's just so much to do! :)

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