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"Good enough" isn't. I can't settle for "acceptable". With everything I do, I have to excel at it, otherwise it's going to bug me. And I'll develop a rash.


Brian "Nooch" Berling is the Operations Manager for
J!NX. He rose to this prestigious position by being the first official employee of Jinx, Inc. As a child, Nooch often injured himself by tying towels and/or blankets around his neck and jumping off the couch. He received a BS in English from the acclaimed San Diego State University, which is put to a lot of use sitting in a drawer somewhere. We’re told the frame it’s housed in is very pretty.

Nooch supplies a generous amount of the content you will find in our community section, including the polls, quizzes, and, of course, his titular comic reviews. While not at the fortress, you may discover him destroying limbs across the landscape of XBOX Live, or on one of many volleyball courts strewn across San Diego.

25 Things

  1. I learned a hell of a lot about music and the music industry while working for a record shop during my college years.
  2. For those who know me personally, I know more about comics than anyone you will ever meet in your life. Unless you're Craig or Gabe.
  3. I was a Tetris whiz in High School.
  4. Though I majored in English with an emphasis in creative writing, I haven't written a poem since I graduated college. Hopefully, that will change by the time you read this.
  5. I believe that the primary objective for getting a college education should be to improve one's whole self, not just obtain skills for one specific industry.
  6. Case in point - I got what I thought was my dream job straight out of college. That was until I actually got my dream job, which was about a year after.
  7. I'm way too into way too many things. So much so that I don't have any time to be as into any one thing as I would like.
  8. Legos are fun until you're done building them.
  9. I have managed to reconcile my religious beliefs with my objective understanding of reality/the universe.
  10. The best thing I have ever done in my life is be Gavin's dad.
  11. I changed my major during my third semester in college, after the drop w/o consequences date. Thus, I pretty much failed that entire semester except for one class because I stopped going to my engineering classes.
  12. One of the classes I didn't fail that semester was a writing course.
  13. My cousin shot me in the knee with a BB gun on accident. The first thing he said: "Don't tell your dad!"
  14. My dad is badass. I've seen him on more than one occasion strike another human in anger. I don't recommend being on the receiving end of that.
  15. I wish I could draw.
  16. One of the best parts of my "job" is coming up with our weekly quiz. It's a fun way to develop knowledge of topics I may not otherwise encounter.
  17. The last time I consumed alcohol outside of an innocuous toast was at my bachelor party. I don't remember it, therefore can not be held accountable for any action I may or may not have taken.
  18. I'm pretty sure that my wife is smarter than I am.
  19. I met my wife when I was 4 and distinctly remember having a crush on her even back then. We didn't hook up until a week after I graduated high school.
  20. Pirating software/movies/music/audiobooks is not the worst thing in the world.
  21. I've had difficulty in the past in finding a sense of cultural identity.
  22. I keep my contacts in for far longer than recommended.
  23. Anyone who knows will tell you that Batman would win in a fight with Superman.
  24. I very often tell people that I work in the fashion industry.
  25. I am considered tall for a Filipino, but below average for everybody else, which plays very well into my cultural identity conflict.

Recent Photos

I once visited a certain Metropolis landmark.
This is but a sampling of my Transformers collection. This particular section features many from the Beast Wars/Machines line.
At such a young age, it was obvious what direction my life was going to take. The stuffed bear was not mine. Too girly.
Me and my lovely lady, Kat.
Kat and me when we brought home our son, Gavin.
Fear the laser-gaze of Chewy!
Kat and I had to help Gavin blow out candles on his first birthday.
I am a sad pirate. Or I had too much of the Pucker Powder.
For an Asian guy, I’m not as good at Ping Pong as you’d expect.

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