Kyle McCarthy

If I had to pick I’d say meeting people and networking is what I am most passionate about. My interactions with people from around the world have given me the opportunity to be cultured by what they’re ‘into’ and passionate about. Everything I do in life I see as an opportunity to meet someone.


Kyle “Superfly” McCarthy is the Deacon of Sales & Networking and somewhat a “jack of all trades” here at J!NX.  His typical work day consists of networking, marketing, wholesale, biz dev, trolling the forums, “twitters”, and making as many Facebook friends as possible.  He’s been hitting the consoles hard since his Nintendo and Sega filled youth. 

As both time and his thoughts of being good at video games passed he started to tear apart miscellaneous computers in his basement and publish poorly coded HTML pages to the interwebz via notepad.  The future neared and the coding didn’t prove to be getting any better so he set out to learn how to make people like him and spread his good words through marketing.

Today he can be found with a new friend every few minutes and a database of memories nowhere near full.  He eats way too many sugar cookies, drives too fast, listens to too much country, keeps his hair long with a hair-tie near, and always wears his “Superfly” glasses at night.

Anything beyond that is entirely unknown...

25 Things

  1. The first video game I ever played was Dick Tracy.  I was sad to learn my brother was actually controlling the game with the other controller and I was doing nothing.
  2. I once ran a poorly written forum site in middle school.  It was all the rage until some kid owned a teacher on it which led to its downfall.
  3. I made my MySpace in 2005 after being strongly opposed for about a year.  I visit it no more than once every two months.
  4. I’ve been tearing apart computers in my basement since I was ten.
  5. I LOVE to climb stuff, mostly rocks but anything will do.  I once climbed a 25 foot ledge in flip flops.  When I was two I frequently climbed into the clubhouse my Dad built for me and then proceed to cry because I couldn’t get down.
  6. I’m pretty into mountain bike riding.  Windminstral and I take frequent trips through streams and heavily wooded areas.
  7. I was 3 when I first drove a car by myself.  I put my aunts car into neutral and rolled down the driveway into the neighbor’s yard across the street.  A week later when I learned how to ride a two-wheeler bike few were impressed.
  8. I play a fair amount of disc golf.  I once aced hole two at Roscoe Ewing’s course in Medina.  Not that anyone knows where that is.
  9. When I went to visit my sister in Oklahoma last year I spent my entire trip acting out scenes from the movie Twister.
  10. I have too many friends.  It’s true, and I feel terrible about it.  I am perpetually meeting awesome people that I want to know but I can never seem to make time for everyone.
  11. I spent New Year’s Eve this year in Times Square.  It’s just my luck that the night I decide to do it goes down in history as the coldest New Year in Times Square history.  11 hours, standing, in sub-zero temperatures…  What an experience.
  12. I always drive in excess of the posted speed.  I once got pulled over in Pennsylvania when I thought I was doing 110 but I was only clocked at 88.  My radar detector saved me on that one!  Sure, I got a ticket but, it gave me enough warning to not lose my license.
  13. I was born in Pittsburgh and am a huge Steelers fan.  I have a Steelers helmet mailbox to go with my “fanship”.  If that’s not a word it is now…
  14. Last year at DEFCON I almost got arrested after Windminstral threw me in the pool “after hours”.  The J!NX crew was swarmed by about 4 copper heads questioning the occurrence.  Later Jinx and I convinced Queue we were fined $500.  Overall, great night. 
  15. I am somewhere between 100 and 762.3 (repeating of course)% Irish.  Every year I spend St. Patrick’s Day weekend following around the best Irish band on the planet, The Shaffer Brother’s Band (, hit them up and be happy.
  16. I have a better memory than anyone alive.  That’s not self proclaimed either, anyone will tell you that.
  17. I’ve been told my best talent is the ability to make friends with anyone within 10 seconds of first meeting them.
  18. I’m all about controversy.  The movie Zeitgeist ( is definitely in my top 5.  
  19. Though it is a tough call I am 63% sure my all time favorite song is Serpentine by Ani DiFranco (
  20. I used to have a cat named Smokey.  Throughout his life he bit pretty much everyone he came into contact with.  He also got caught in a plastic bag and ran around the house, ate like 14 meals a day, and was feared by all the neighborhood animals.
  21. I now have a black labradoodle named Mira.  She doesn’t really do much besides be afraid of the fake dog statue thing I have under my coffee table at my house and flip out at the sight of anyone she hasn’t seen in over 5 minutes.
  22. In my youth my Mom would pretend to hit me at red lights so the people in the car behind us thought I was being abused.
  23. I like to drive vehicles in areas that aren’t always meant to be driven in.  This includes lakes, mud-bogs, people’s yards, and really anywhere else I can get to.
  24. When I was like three I used to bite people a lot.  My dad always punished me by putting “hot sauce” in my mouth.  I have a strict hatred for anything remotely spicy. 
  25. I have a smile, if you can even call it that, that has been coined as “The Kyle”.  It’s pretty stupid and can be found in 98% of my pictures

Recent Photos

Exercising my self proclaimed right to roll vehicles through any area of the planet.
New Years Eve 08- Trying to stay warm in Times Square.
Free climbing a random ledge I stumbled upon. Flip Flops FTW!
Rocking the J!NX skull on the back of my ride.
I'm not sure there is an accurate description of this picture...
Dream Team (Myself, Skydog, and Brolo) and BlizzCon.
I think it goes without saying that the quality of The Simpsons far exceeds that of the plagiarized Family Guy.
The best cat that ever lived chillin' in a bathroom sink.
The replacement pet going swimming at Windminstral's wiener's house.
Getting ready to go mountain bike riding with Windminstral.
Not really sure how to explain this... But the glasses I am pimping are the origin of the name "Superfly".
I can't remember the technical name for this but I do know that I did it with my friend Lisa.

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