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Minion NikFalcon

Here is my dream come true' and it is not an exaggeration! There used to be a time when I would only drool while looking at those things in the computer screen. And here they are in my own hands. I waited 8 years... for D3 to come out' and now... I am embracing it and smiling wide' because I am truly happy. Wearing this Tyrael hoodie makes the experience that much better. Heavens' get ready to tremble before me and my awesomeness!

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Diablo III Tyrael Premium Hoodie
As one of the highest-ranking angels in the High Heavens, Tyrael has been missing for years following the destruction of the Worldstone. Bring forth the power of the Archangel of Justice and don his mighty mantle, equipped with a cowl hood and tendrils on back.

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