Acolyte Xiraya

there's no article of clothing that i have' that i love more than my jinx ones; especially my horde ones 8-) i love the amazed looks i get when i wear my WoW clothing. All like' "ouuu shit. you play WoW?!". then they're even more amazed at the fact that i play horde >:P i've even met a few people in university because of your epic clothing >:D so' thank yeeew guuuyz. keep being the better of them all! <3 jinx iLvL > any other. js.

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World of Warcraft Horde Spray Women's Tee
Throm-Ka, fellow Tauren, Undead, Orcs and Trolls! May your battle cry be heard for the glory of the Warchief. Let strength and honor guide you, and march into the battlefield with pride. Lok'tar ogar, my fellow warriors... and always, FOR THE HORDE!

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