Gladiator Tara

I got a pair of these hoodies (one women's' one men's) for me and my boyfriend a few months back. We both love ours and wear them often. My measurements are 36"/24"/36" and I bought a Large. There is room for me to wear a light sweater underneath' and the size with just a t-shirt is quite comfortable and roomy. I have dried this inside out in the dryer with minimal shrinking. I normally wear Small shirts. If you're in doubt about your size'

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World of Warcraft Monk Women's Premium Zip-up Hoodie
As the Celestials protect our temples, we fight to protect our lands and our families. We do not act first, but react in kind. We are the water that flows around the rock, finding a way when the way is shrouded. We are bringers of balance in a world gone askew,. This custom Monk hoodie features both...

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