This week's Trivia: Wii

As one of the three now-gen consoles, the Wii holds its own against some powerhouse machines. The little system may not be your gaming device of choice, but you can't deny that it has influenced how many people game.
Earn 50 J!NX EXP if you correctly answer at least 4 questions on the quiz!
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In what year was the Wii launched in the United States?


Which of these was NOT a Wii launch title?


What is the name of the service where users can directly download games and applications specifically intended for the Wii?


Which Resident Evil Game was the first to be available on the Wii?


Which of these is NOT a selectable division of training on the original Wii Fit?


Which of these first-party games comes packaged with a peripheral that can be attached to the Wii Remote?


Which of these is a playable mini-game in Wii Play?


What is the licensed video game that the legendary Warren Spector is currently (as of the launch of this quiz, 10/21/09) developing for the Wii?


During its initial development, what was the code name for the system that ultimately became known as the Wii?


What was the name of the official BBC media content service available on the Wii in the UK until an update to the Internet Channel made the player non-functional in the Fall of 2009?