Robots and Zombies

This week's Trivia: Robots and Zombies

This week, we hit you up with two geek favorites, Robots and Zombies! We know that you can never have enough of one or the other, but we hope this quiz will satisfy some of your cravings.


What is the name of the golden robot that is fluent in over 6,000,000 forms of communication from the Star Wars series?


What event led Raccoon City to be overrun by zombies in the Resident Evil series?


Which of the following is the most effective means to stop a zombie in its tracks?


What is the name of Grant Imahara’s (of Mythbusters fame) champion Battlebot?


Which of these movies was not directed by George A. Romero?


What is the name of the autonomous robotic dog that Sony is responsible for creating?


If a zombie can't get his hands on brains, which food/drink would he most likely choose?


What band sings the song, "Mr. Roboto"?


Which zombie movie, featuring everything from gratuitous violence to zombies humping, was directed by Peter Jackson and was called "Dead Alive" in the US release?


In "Futurama", what is the name one of the enforcers in the New New York organised crime family headed by DonBot?