Transformers v.2

This week's Trivia

Transformers v.2

The Robots in Disguise return for another quiz dedicated to their transformy goodness! They've been around for over 20 years now, so you may have to dig deep down into your childhood memories to answer some of these. Then again, you may know the answers just from watching the movies.
Earn 50 J!NX EXP if you correctly answer at least 4 questions on the quiz!
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In the original series and toys from the '80s, what type of vehicle did Starscream turn into?


Which actor of Star Trek fame played the voice of Galvatron in Transformers: The Movie (1986)?


Which character was played by Shia LaBeouf in the 2007 live-action film?


Which big-budget director helmed the 2007 film and its sequel?


In Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen, what is the name of the former Decepticon that is being housed in a museum, only to be revived by a piece of the Allspark?


While the Allspark was the coveted artifact in the first movie, in Revenge of the Fallen, the Decepticons were trying to obtain what?


When Marvel launched what was intended to be a 4-issue series in the '80s (it ended up running for 80 issues), which Marvel icon appeared in the 3rd issue?


What is the name of the supercomputer that the Autobots use aboard The Ark?


What was the name that Bumblebee adopted after being damaged in both the comics and on the TV show?


Which of the following is the largest of the G1 Transformers toy line?