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I say you're never too old to play with toys. Yes, some are getting more and more sophisticated with moving parts, LEDs, sounds chips, and the like, but there's a reason that kids and adults alike still play with the classic favorites - nothing beats good, old-fashioned fun.
Earn 50 J!NX EXP if you correctly answer at least 4 questions on the quiz!
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The Cat's Eye, the Shooter, the Steely, the Bumblebee - these are all names for variants of which of the following toys?


In the classic game of Jacks, you have to pick up the predetermined number of jacks before what event?


What was the name of the entrepreneur who purchased the Yo-yo Manufacturing Company from Pedro Flores, considered the first yo-yo maker in the United States?


In toy guns, particularly of the cowboy variety, what is often used to create a bang sound?


What is the name of the circular ring that is twirled around the body, most often around the hips, typically constructed from plastic tubing?


Which of these toys appears Pixar's Toy Story movies and is voiced by Don Rickles?


Which of the following companies is known for its diecast model cars?


The chain of toy stores called FAO Schwarz was founded by and named after which German immigrant?


Which building block company has held licenses for such popular properties as Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Batman?


What is the name of the RTS video game series inspired those little green plastic soldiers, featuring the Green Army and the Tan Army among others?