The 9th Doctor

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The 9th Doctor

Doctor Who currently holds a Guinnes record for longest running sci-fi tv series. However, most of us are probably only familiar with the franchise from the revival in 2005. That series began with the man officially recognized as the 9th Doctor, played by the one and only... you don't think I'm really giving you the answer to the first question, do you?
Earn 50 J!NX EXP if you correctly answer at least 4 questions on the quiz!
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Which actor played the role of the 9th Doctor Who?


The TARDIS is stuck disguised as what mundane contraption?


What is the name of the young woman who accompanied the 9th Doctor during his entire tenure on the show?


What is a common catchphrase uttered frequently by the Daleks, an aggressive alien race?


The Doctor is the last of which advanced race?


Captain Jack Harkness, having first appeared in the 2005 episode, The Empty Child, went on to be a central character on which spin-off show?


What was the phrase that appeared throughout time that gave the Doctor's companion the clue she needed in the 2005 season finale?


In the episode, The Unquiet Dead, with which great Victorian writer do The Doctor and his companions team up to battle the "ghosts"?


On what broadcast system did the 2005 Doctor Who series originally air?


Debuting as a Member of Parliament in the episode, Aliens of London, Harriet Jones eventually rose to what position by the Christmas Invasion special?