Ancient Astronauts

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Ancient Astronauts

A growing field of study, Ancient Astronaut Theory is gaining more and more attention. It claims that Earth was visited by extraterrestrials way back when and possibly shaped how human civilization developed. Sure, there's still a bunch of skeptics out there, but the evidence is becoming harder to refute. Do you believe that we've been visited for thousands of years?
Earn 50 J!NX EXP if you correctly answer at least 4 questions on the quiz!
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What is the name of the 1968 novel by Erich von Däniken that is one of the early published works advocating ancient astronaut theory?


In what South American country can the Nazca Lines be found?


What is the name of supposed descendants of celestial beings and human women as referred to in the Bible, specifically in Genesis and Numbers?


What is the term used to describe an object of historical, archaeological, or paleontological interest found in a very unusual or seemingly impossible context?


The awesome 1994 military sci-fi film, Stargate, proposed that aliens were responsible for the building of which ancient structures?


Raëlism, a UFO religion founded in 1974, believe that humanity was created by a species of extraterrestrials known as what?


Which Chinese leader was said to have come to Earth on a yellow dragon?


The Yonaguni monument is a massive rock formation found off the coast of which island country?


Crystal Skulls, originally purported to be Pre-Columbian Mesoamerican artifacts but later determined to be manufactured no earlier than the 19th century ruined which epic film franchise?


What is the name of the largest dressed stone in the world, found in Baalbek, Lebanon?