Role Playing Games

This week's Trivia: Role Playing Games

This week's quiz is brought you by the vicious, dominating, profound Creaive Overlord, Jinx. "RPGs have dominated my life. It's my go-to genre of gaming. It started with a mechanical pencil and some dice, and quickly grew to include computer RPGs. These questions are based on the games and experiences that affected ME the most."
Earn 50 J!NX EXP if you correctly answer at least 4 questions on the quiz!
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Which of the following D&D modules was famous for being especially evil and deadly, a place you sent characters to die?


Which D&D class archetype is typically picked last (according to a poll we ran on J!NX, and anyone that ever has played an RPG, ever in their life, ever)?


Serendipitously, my daughter's initials are RPG. Her first name is River. What sci-fi TV show inspired her name?


What was the name of the city in which Bard's Tale (the most epic CRPG of all time) was set?


What class would the following stats [STR:10 CON:12 DEX:16 INT:18 WIS:14 CHA:12] typically suit BEST?


Which Computer RPG (CRPG) represents the first home computer adaptation of TSR's Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and is the first in the "Gold Box" series?


What is the name of the unit of measurement that is used to determine a players health in D&D and many other RPGs?


What is the range of damage that I can inflict with my +1 Long Sword that does 1d8 damage, bearing in mind that my STR also provides a +3 damage modifier?


There are two primary trends for RPGs; One is the "Western RPG", the other includes games such as Final Fantasy, which are described with what acronym?


Fill in the blanks: The Mage cast ____________ on the goblin minion, while the ____________ backstabbed the warchief. The party received 250 ____________.