The Big Lebowski

This week's Trivia: The Big Lebowski

Tron is not a name given to just any jobber on the street. It was bestowed upon the man responsible for getting our fine tees made, as well as this week's quiz.

"I’m the Dude... so that's what you call me." Such powerful words are rarely spoken. This is a movies that just gets better every time you watch it. Like the flavors of a fine-aged Pinot, the subtleties grow more vibrant as the years go by. From the all-star cast to the gratuitous use of the F-bomb, this IMO is the perfect movie.
Earn 50 J!NX EXP if you correctly answer at least 4 questions on the quiz!
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Which of the following actors played the role of "The Dude"?


What prized possession of The Dude's was soiled upon, thus sending him on his journey of retribution?


In which city did this epic tale take place?


What is The Dude's drink of choice?


What band, whose music is played throughout the film, can The Dude simply not tolerate?


What sport can The Dude be seen taking part in multiple times in the movie?


What is the name of The Big Lebowski's estranged and significantly younger wife, whom The Dude is contracted to deliver the ransom for?


Whose thugs are responsible for the soiling of The Dude's prized possession referred to in question #2?


What war did The Dude's friend and bowling partner, Walter, serve in, often making inopportune references to throughout the film?


Which famous rocker has a small role in the movie as one of the Nihilists?