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Original Quizmaster Nooch comes back this week with a quiz about BBC favorite, Torchwood.

"I hate that I've come to this show so late. For as good as it is, I really should have been watching this since it premiered. Hopefully this quiz will motivate people to hop on and catch up before the 4th series premieres in the US in July. As you go through this, keep in mind that all questions are from Series 1."
Earn 50 J!NX EXP if you correctly answer at least 4 questions on the quiz!
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Torchwood is a spinoff of what other BBC series, of which the titles are anagrams?


What is the name of the newest member of Torchwood, introduced in the first episode of the series, serving the role of the audience surrogate?


The BBC, which is the television network that first aired Torchwood, is based in which country?


Pursuant to the previous question, on which BBC channel was the first Torchwood series aired?


Torchwood Three, a branch of the Torchwood Institute, is based in which city during the first season?


What is located in the city from question 5, that makes it a natural choice to station a Torchwood branch?


In "Everything Changes", the first episode of the series, what item is used to briefly bring the recently deceased back to life?


What role does Owen Harper play in Torchwood?


In the fourth episode of the series, Ianto Jones was working feverishly to restore his girlfriend who had been converted into what type of species?


Captain Jack Harkness, who runs Torchwood Three, is originally from what time period?