This week's Trivia


This week: memes. What’s a meme you say? It’s a fancy-schmancy term for any idea that goes viral. Be it a great movie quote, a fashion trend, or a funny-as-hell internet clip. These are the things that infect our everyday life and either permeate it, or eventually die an agonizing death (ie. the late, great flannel shirt).


What type of animal is seen being "dramatic" in an eight second YouTube video in the Summer of 2007?


What internet clip released a few years ago depicts the antics of a fanboy playing out the finer parts of his favorite Sci-Fi film?


What website created in 1996 is best known for hosting a wide variety of some of the most viral animated clips on the net?


What hip-hop phrase was popularized by rapper Snoop Dogg and made a memorable appearance in the current blog of our fearless leader, Jinx?


Which now famous YouTube blogger cried “LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!” and parlayed that popularity into developing his own reality show?


Which much beloved Flash animation features Ron Jeremy, R2D2 and a dancing Squirrel who yells “Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!”?


Which Sesame Street character was suddenly deemed “Evil” in doctored photos and music videos across the net?


What ‘70s ad ‘80s action superstar was the subject of various “Fact Lists” proclaiming his superiority and badass invulnerability, even in the face of the Devil himself?


What now-parodied phrase was yelled out by University of Florida student, Andrew Meyer, in the Fall of 2007 during a John Kerry forum protest?


Which internet site, created in 1998, was a popular craze that utilized dancing rodents and the song “Whistle Stop”?